LANSA Partner providing affordable full range consulting services custom-
ized web development, specializing in LANSA Development tools for 10 years. Other key features of OASYS Consulting are Windows, Macintosh and AS/400 Network solutions along with ERP package implementations (People-
Soft, Cyborg).

OASYS can offer Project Management and Business Analysis in Manufacturing, HR/Payroll, Insurance and e-business.

Products & Services

Consulting Services

Whether your need is for Information Technology consulting or Business Process consulting, OASYS can be your partner to assist in challenges from large to small. One unique opportunity that OASYS can offer through our Consulting services is an Information Technology presence that is there when you need it and gone once the project has been completed. This helps your organization operate in a lean fashion while still staying current with emerging technologies.

Application Development

In the ever-changing business world, new initiatives are born each day, and with these newborn initiatives, comes the need for new processes to be designed and developed. OASYS can partner with you to accommodate these new initiatives, and develop applications specific to your project and organization, thus allowing the technology to fit you the customer, not you the customer fitting the technology. OASYS are Certified developers in various languages.

Needs Assessment

With any project, large or small, there is a need for a thorough review of all the elements that will make up the project. Before OASYS begins work on any project, we conduct a thorough review of all areas within the project before proposing a solution. Thus allowing for an informed proposal of services instead of offering a blanket solution for our customer's objectives.


OASYS has helped guide many customers through new implementations of software or hardware projects to reach the success that they desired. We can offer you a dedicated team that will work with you from the onset of the project through the project's successful conclusion. From project management to custom development, our team can take as big or as small a role as your organization needs to help in the implementation of new products and assist in change management.


OASYS offers training solutions for LANSA products, IBM products, Microsoft products, and custom applications. The forum for training can be in a group format or one-on-one training. With our proven experience, we can help your organization attain the "knowledge transfer" goals that have been set, and allow your employees to feel confident in their abilities to work with new emerging technologies.

Data Normalization

OASYS has normalized many of their clients Business Data which has allowed their clients to reduce maintenance costs as business rules change in time using LANSA's Repository.


OASYS has formed a strategic alliance with LANSA, a multi-platform E-commerce application development tool, to offer our customers a best of breed solution.

Web Builder

OASYS has saved their e-Commerce clients time by using OASYS's Web Builder Solution, which uses LANSA's industrial strength tool set as it's backbone.

Graphics Design

OASYS's Graphic Designers not only produce top of the line Graphics but designs to your market.

Project Management

OASYS Project Managers can help you manage your projects Functionally and Technically to meet your business needs.

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