LANSA Partner providing affordable full range consulting services customized web development, specializing in LANSA Development since its inception. Other key features of OASYS Consulting are Business Process driven solutions, Data Normalization,
OASYS' proven Web Builder Methodology which cuts delivery and maintenance costs.

OASYS can offer Project Management, Business Analysis in Insurance, HR/Payroll, Manufacturing and E-business.
"New trends are emerg- ing with the next generation of ebusiness. See how LANSA for the Web, LANSA Integrator & LANSA Commerce can help your company."
"LANSA's e-business products are designed to help you grow your business relationships with customers online."

OASYS are your Experts in delivering your iSeries Mobile Solutions

New trends are emerging... Are you ready?
With the next generation of Mobile Solutions on the horizon, you need to be ready to move quickly and adapt to ever changing Mobile initiatives to maintain a competitive edge. Whether you're considering Native Mobile applications, Mobile Web applications or Extending existing IBMi applications for use on mobile devices keeping pace with rapidly changing industry trends and are flexible enough to adapt to your business needs. LANSA's customers are ready for the next generation of Mobile Solutions

For almost 15 years now…
OASYS has been providing e-business technology, product, services and solutions to organizations in order to improve business connectivity, performance and productivity. LANSA solutions deploy quickly and leverage the existing skill sets within your organization.

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